Spyro the Dragon in adorable plushie form. Created by Chibi-pets, it measures 18 inches by 25 inches—it's fairly big, as the two real-world photos show. Those are below, along with a hi-res image showing a couple more angles. There's also a lot more plushies to check out at Chibi-pets' deviantART and Facebook pages.


Spyro Custom Plush [Chibi-pets@deviantART]

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I adored Spyro games on PS1! Somehow I didn't care how he looks in Skylanders (I don't really like it though), but now when I'm seeing this awesome plushie it makes me really sad and nostalgic.
When I think about it, every cool game hero that I loved - Sonic, Crash, Spyro, Rayman, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter - is now more or less just shadows of their former selves. Why? Because of lame games ofc! Bad games in general, mobile games (it's often the same as first), random spin-offs that being pushed as cannon in different parts of the world instead of making good games (Sonic Boom), yearly money grabs (Skylanders, I like platforming elements though) and so on.