Plush Elder Scrolls Pack Guar Probably Won't Bite Your Head Off

What this cuddly pack guar will do is carry your burdens better than Lydia ever could. Pack guars have been around for way longer than Skyrim housecarls, so they've gotten good at this kind of thing.

Gaming Heads' new plushie is based on the Vvardenfell-native guar, specifically, its Elder Scrolls Online rendition (the only other rendition being the one in Morrowind):


Already quite lovable, as you can see—and now, it's a plushie that you can own and play with. With a cute little backpack to boot.

Aww. Brings back all those memories of being viciously mauled in those canyons between Balmora and Seyda Neen. Although those guars didn't have cute little backpacks.

The guar plushies are sold at $20 a piece and come with a code for an in-game pet pack guar for Elder Scrolls Online. Check 'em out here.


TESO Guar image via the UESP Wiki

Guar Plush is now in stock! [Gaming Heads]

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