Some StarCraft Player Has The Best Girlfriend Ever

Adrienne Baginski's boyfriend loves StarCraft II. Adrienne Baginski loves him, so she made him the most adorable plush rendition of a Protoss Probe she possibly could for Christmas. Lucky bastard.

There are handmade plushies, and then there are handmade plushies. This is no "Oh look, I sewed two pieces of colored felt together and stuffed it with cotton" sort of plushie. This is a custom plushie that took love, reference shots, and skill. These are all things my own fiancée possesses, and yet here I stand, plushie-less.


Adrienne rubs it in with her simple explanation.

"I made this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing it. It's a plushie of a Protoss Probe from StarCraft 2 that I designed and hand-made myself. Enjoy!"

We are enjoying, while sneaking sideways glances at our own significant others, wondering where our custom-made plushies are. Perhaps we made the wrong choice.


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