Japanese Subway Stations Totally Look Like Role-Playing Game Dungeons

As any longtime resident can attest, Japan's subway is punctual, clean, and convenient. Its stations, however, can get elaborate and confusing. » 3/19/13 6:30am 3/19/13 6:30am

Other Tokyo Metro stations are also like dungeons. Here's Otemachi Station. Akasaka-mitsuke. Tameike-sanno. This isn't only a Tokyo thing. Other Japan Rail stations…

Scary New Computer Virus Could Be Responsible for the Nintendo Bomb…

"This week, I'm going to blow up Nintendo headquarters." This anonymous online message appeared on September 10 of this year. Japanese police moved quickly to find out who was responsible for the threat—as well as other threats to blow up Ise Grand Shrine » 10/08/12 4:00am 10/08/12 4:00am, one of Japan's most important Shinto shrines.

There's a Huge Chocolate Bar in Osaka. You Cannot Eat It.

Osaka is filled with places to visit. But if you are in town, make sure you stop by the Meiji factory and marvel at the biggest chocolate bar you'll ever see. Just don't try to eat it.

Located in Osaka's Takatsuki, the factory boasts the largest plastic billboard in the world. It's even in the Guinness Book. Dubbed… » 10/04/12 7:30am 10/04/12 7:30am