Good News: Pachter Says We are Wealthy!

Alright, alright, forgive the distortion, but if you've bought a next-gen console - and worldwide, more than 60 million of us have - then you are "wealthy or hardcore gamers," according to everyone's favorite video game software analyst, Michael Pachter. I don't consider myself hardcore. And my aforementioned $1,500 rent … » 6/29/08 2:00pm 6/29/08 2:00pm

Nintendo: "We're Working On" A Wii Storage Solution

The Wii just isn't big enough for all the stuff it offers. That's not conjecture, that's fact. So what are Nintendo doing about? Well, when Nintendo's Laurent Fischer isn't pissing you all off by calling you names, he's promising that - snide comments aside - Nintendo know there's something wrong, and are working on… » 6/17/08 8:20am 6/17/08 8:20am

Wii Update 3.3 Kills Freeloader Too? [Update]

Oh dear. I'm getting reports starting to trickle out of Australia that the latest Wii update (3.3) has done more than block the Twilight Princess save-game exploit. I'm hearing it's killed Datel's Wii Freeloader as well, which if true, will not go down well in Europe and Australia at all. Especially with Smash Bros'… » 6/17/08 4:30am 6/17/08 4:30am

Librarian: I'm So NOT Wii Fit Girl

Those naughty librarian eyeglasses might say say yes-yes, but a New York City woman says, no-no, they're not hers. You see, there's Lauren Bernat, aka Wii Fit Girl, who hulaed her way to 2 million YouTube views about three weeks ago, and then vowed it was not a viral marketing scheme. And then there's Lauren Bernat,… » 6/14/08 9:00pm 6/14/08 9:00pm