First Balance Board Blog got hold of a rather bizarre YouTube clip that features - women in jogging leotards? dudes with horrid combovers in corsets and black socks? - running to a 60-Minutes style stopwatch. Nothing in the vid suggests it's a promo for a game, much less one using the Wii Balance Board, so methinks viral marketing straight away.

But BBB got hold of the video's poster and subsequent confirmation that PheroseSoft, a seven-person team made up of former devs for EA Canada Burnaby and Rockstar North, is developing something called "WiiMove." It should be available by WiiWare sometime after October this year, Balance Board Blog reports.


A representative of PheroseSoft told BBB that "the game looks to put an unexpected slant on the Wii Balance Board." Ya don't say. The video's after the jump.

Wii Move confirmed - developed by ex EA, Rockstar staff [BalanceBoardBlog, via]

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