THQ Explores Mind-Body Medicine And Spirituality With Deepak Chopra

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Renowned champion of new age spirituality and alternative medicine Dr. Deepak Chopra will soon be reaching a whole new audience, as THQ signs a multi-year licensing agreement to create games based on his teachings.


Deepak Chopra is one of the biggest name in spiritual medicine. He's authored more than 55 books on alternative medicine and spirituality, regularly hangs out with Oprah, hosts a weekly radio show, and writes weekly columns for the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post.

Now THQ leverages Chopra's popularity though an agreement with license holder Curious Pictures in order to create games based on the doctor's teachings. The agreement covers games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and DS, all wireless devices, and online gaming portals, including Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and WiiWare.


"We look forward to translating Dr. Chopra's teachings and practices into a video game that provides gamers with a truly unique and rewarding experience," said Martin Good, Executive Vice President, THQ Kids, Family, Casual Games, and Global Online Services. "THQ continues to expand its casual games portfolio and has grand plans to invigorate the lifestyle category with this game."

What an interesting move on THQ's part. While I very much doubt I'd buy a Deepak Chopra game, the doctor's name could sell a lot of games to the casual, Oprah-watching gamer. Looks like I've lined up another birthday present for my mom.

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Deepak is a very weird person who uses misinterpretations of science and physics to attempt to explain and illustrate the things he preaches. I have a hard time taking anything he says seriously as a result. If he can't get science right, what makes him think he can get medicine?