The Wii Shop Channel is closing today, marking another blow against Nintendo’s old console and game preservation. If you have points remaining, here’s a list of great games you might want to pick up before it is too late.


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Randy Randerson

I know that Nintendo’s getting a lot of grief over this shutdown, but I guess I don’t see what the alternative is. There’s no way that maintaining the servers for a 13 year old service that the world has moved on from is economically sensible, as I imagine the traffic has to be nearly zero, and even this last minute notice might have created an uptick of what, maybe a couple thousand users? I absolutely agree that this library ideally should remain available for preservation, but does that mean that we should expect every game storefront to remain available forever so that we can still download purchases a decade after the fact? At what point is it fair for Sony give up hosting the PSP and Vita portions of PSN as well?