So, How Much Space Do Your 360 Games Installs Take Up?

The New Xbox Experience lets you install 360 games onto your HDD. Great news for anyone - like myself - who gets DISC READ ERRORS as often as the sun both rises and sets. But chances are, unless you splurged and bought yourself an Elite, or are new to the 360 world and own a 60GB unit, you have a 20GB HDD. And for… »11/24/08 8:00am11/24/08 8:00am

First NXE Avatars Will Be Free (After That, Notsomuch)

Speaking with, Microsoft Europe's Boris Schneider-Johne has said that - at least for the first few weeks of the NXE's life - there'll be regular clothing updates for your avatars. And, more importantly, that they'll be free. But after that? "It has not been announced". It's OK, Boris, we get what you… »11/22/08 12:00am11/22/08 12:00am

Avatars Get First Paid Parts With Ninja Blade Theme

Now that you've created your first — and possibly last — Xbox 360 Avatar in the New Xbox Experience, you're most likely thinking "What kind of digital crap can I now purchase to make this thing look less horrid?" The answer is new Ninja Blade »11/20/08 4:40pm11/20/08 4:40pm themed Avatar parts. If you're in Japan, you can purchase the new premium…