360 Avatars Go A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Western

It's OK, Americans. Those European football shirts weren't your thing. This, then, is your thing, a new "Western Wear" collection of avatar clothing that'll have you reaching for an official Microsoft-branded six-shooter.


Least, we wish it did. Something Deadwood would have been nice. Some big moustaches, gun belts, maybe a poncho or two. Maybe Lee Van Cleef's hat. Something rustic, something 19th century. Instead, the "Western Wear" looks more like "Garth Brooks" wear. Bummer.

If the shot to the left hasn't turned you off the idea (hey, you could always just rock the hat), the new gear is easily available, as always, by finding the wardrobe options that have a gold star next to them in the avatar menu.

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