Trapped In A Glass Ball With Your Xbox Friends

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It's a non-stop celebration over on the Xbox 360, as folks around the world awake to discover that Santa left them a mystical torture device disguised as the Xbox 360 Holiday Snow Globe.


Located in the Spotlight section of your New Xbox Experience, the Holiday Snow Globe randomly populates itself with you and your friends, trapping them in a water-filled globe that you have the power to shake. The poor little virtual guys get so confused that every once in awhile they do the wave.

Adding to the torture, while the Snow Globe is on your screen, holiday greetings in various languages scroll across the top of your screen while the opening verse of "Jingle Bells" plays over and over and over again. I've had it playing in the background for about 30 minutes now, and I am ready to give someone a holly-jolly garroting.


Stir your friends up in the Xbox LIVE Snow Globe [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]

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This snowglobe is the ultimate symbol of Christmas, being trapped with your dysfunctional family and friends for as long as two weeks.