Rare Teasing User-Generated Avatars For The 360

The 360's avatars are, all copy-cat jokes aside, surprisingly endearing. Only problem is, some of the wardrobe and body options are a little...limited. That's something user-generated content could address. So, uh, will it?

According to the team behind the little guys, the answer is a resounding maybe. Rare's Dale Murchie says:

User-generated content is a huge area that would not have been done any justice if we had tried to cram it into the launch release of this project.

There may be features coming that open up the expressive potential of the Xbox community, but we're keeping quiet on that for now.


Murchie may be keeping "quiet", but Rare's Lee Musgrave saw fit to add "Creativity is going to play a big part in the development of the Avatars".

Completely custom outfits would be great, but you know, at this stage we'd just settle for changing the existing gears colour.

Rare: User-generated content likely for Avatars [VG247]

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