Illustration for article titled Avatars Get First Paid Parts With Ninja Blade Theme

Now that you've created your first — and possibly last — Xbox 360 Avatar in the New Xbox Experience, you're most likely thinking "What kind of digital crap can I now purchase to make this thing look less horrid?" The answer is new Ninja Blade themed Avatar parts. If you're in Japan, you can purchase the new premium theme designed to promote From Software's upcoming Xbox 360 cinematic action game, netting you five new ninja parts for your virtual self. You knew this was coming, right? The theme comes bundled with wallpapers and the Avatar backgrounds seen above, all for just 250 Microsoft Points. Pricey? Maybe, but you really can't put a dollar figure on something this useless. Expect even more wallet whittling microtransactions for the next... forever. Ninja Blade Pre-Launch Events [Impress Game Watch via Siliconera]


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