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November 19 will see Avatars released with the Xbox 360's New Xbox Experience. Next spring will see Avatar crap gamers can buy. Luke totally called it! Microsoft has revealed that game items like T-shirts from publishers and non-game items like football things apparently will be for sale in the Avatar Shop. While the New Xbox Experience will make available free avatar stuff, Microsoft plans to sell items and make them unlockable much like Achievements are. Robin Burrowes, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) product manager for Xbox LIVE, explains:

Yes, more animations, more customise capabilities in terms of emotions and features but then also as well wardrobe enhancements over the course of time, so fashion brands hopefully launching new ranges through Avatars being one route. Obviously the whole world of Spore, football, etc, lends itself to this environment. Games themselves where you can customise your Avatar like the character from a game as well, these are all possibilities that Avatars will explore over the course of 2009 and beyond, definitely.


The pricing model for the spring Avatar Store is currently "discussion right now." Microsoft planning 'Avatar Store' for next spring [Videogamer]

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