Analyst: Xbox Live A 'Gold Mine' For Netflix

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Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, who knows everything there is to know about video games, sees nothing but good things for the Xbox-Netflix partnership, one that could translate to another million Netflix subscribers this year.

Pachter and his Wedbush Morgan crew of prophets thinks, in writing, that Netflix "subscriber growth will continue at super-normal levels for quite some time" thanks to Xbox Live Gold membership. We interpret "super-normal" to mean "like, pretty good" in non-analyst speak.

The analyst house estimates another five to six million Xbox 360s sold in the United States this year, with Pachter pegging Live Gold subscription rates at "around 35% of these owners."


Netflix announced yesterday that it ended the fourth quarter of 2008 with approximately 9,390,000 subscribers, showing 26% year-over-year growth from 7,479,000 subscribers at the end of the same quarter from 2007. Time to go buy some NFLX stock!

Xbox Live is 'Proverbial Gold Mine' for Netflix, says Pachter [GameDaily]

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the selection is a problem, but the studios are gonna have to play ball with this eventually. They're the ones dragging their feet now. Personally, I love it, and I find myself watching things I always wanted to see, but never could make a priority of. It's also good for catching up on tv shows. Also, the fact that Velvet Goldmine is on there (see pic above) is a pleasant surprise. That movie had the best soundtrack ever.