From Dark Souls to Valkyrie Profile: The Motoi Sakuraba Mixtape

Some game composers are absolute workhorses. They'll be so prolific in such a short span of time, that you'll almost forget that they did entire soundtracks. Motoi Sakuraba is just such a composer.

The Valkyrie Profile Series, Dark Souls, the Baten Kaitos Games, the Star Ocean Games and every freakin' Tales… » 6/21/12 8:30pm 6/21/12 8:30pm

The Kotaku Mixtape Vol 5: All The Cheesy Game Music You Can Handle

There is a very sick part of me that loves cheesy music and movies. I blame it on being left alone with basic cable in the 1990's: You couldn't change the channel without hearing some schmaltzy song playing in the background!

And so today on the Kotaku Mixtape, we're celebrating at some of the cheesiest songs… » 4/05/12 7:00pm 4/05/12 7:00pm