From Tetris to Metroid: The 'Hip' Tanaka Mixtape

Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka's music is infectious. It gets in your blood. Metroid, Tetris, Kid Icarus: if you own a Gameboy, or a Nintendo you've had one of his songs stuck in your head. Possibly for a week.

This week on the Kotaku Mixtape, we take a look at one of the great composers of all time, a man who's work extends from the gleeful Super Mario Land to eclectic Earthbound.



Super Mario Land - Overworld Theme
Dr. Mario - Ending Theme
Famicom Wars
Metroid - Theme (Arranged)
Mother - Eight Melodies (Arranged w/ Keiichi Suzuki)
Tetris - Type B
The Hirokazu Tanaka Song
Gyromite - Stage Theme
Earthbound - You've Come So Far, Ness (w/ Keiichi Suzuki)
Kid Icarus (Famicom Disk System Ver.) - Theme
Game Boy Camera/Mother - Credits/Twinkle Elementary

Also, how weird is The Hirokazu Tanaka Song?

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