Bombastic, orchestral soundtracks are great and all, but they're not always what's called for in a game. Sometimes you need something a bit more laid back - a bit more cool.

Sometimes you just need a little jazz.

Today on the Kotaku Mix Tape, we're listening to some of the best jazz that gaming has to offer. From Godot's relaxed, arabica-scented theme from Phoenix Wright to the Elsa's Torched Song from L.A. Noire.



Phoenix Wright - Godot - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee - Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul
The Grim Fandango Soundtrack - Mr. Frustration Man - Peter Mcconnel
Final Fantasy XIII - Pulse De Chocobo - Masashi Hanamazu
Halo 3 ODST - Rain - Martin O'donnell, Michael Salvatori
Gitaroo Man - Bee Jam Blues - COIL
Chrono Trigger - The Brink of Time- The Brink of Time
Bayonetta - The Gates of Hell - Bayonetta OST
L.A. Noire - Torched Song - Claudia Brücken

Oh, and be thankful I didn't make you listen to the smooth jazz version of the F-Zero theme.

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