From Uematsu to Lucasarts: A Kotaku Melodic Mix-Tape Roundup

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Ever since we started Kotaku Melodic, our own video master Chris Person has been creating lovely Mixtapes featuring various themes, composers, genres and games.


I've loved every one of them, and I thought this week would be a good time to share his first seven mixtapes in one place. Here now, the first seven volumes of The Kotaku Mixtape series.

Vol. 1: The Neverhood Series

Featuring Terry S. Taylor's unforgettable music from the Neverhood games.

Vol. 2: Yuzo Koshiro

Celebrating composer Yuzo Koshiro, the man who wrote the music to classics like Streets of Rage and The Revenge of Shinobi.

Vol. 3: Jazz in Games

One that's near to my heart. Chris rounded up some of the best examples of jazz in games. Dig that Godot sax, man. Yeah. Cats. Jazz. Groovy.

Vol. 4: Nobuo Uematsu

Here's one of the ones we figured everyone would be waiting for: Final Fantasy maestro Nobuo Uematsu, the man who's responsible for a larger percentage of that series' emotional soul than any one other person. The guy who writes the hottest boss anthems around. An inspiration to us all. Nobuo!


Vol. 5: Cheesy Video Game Jams

All of the tacky, ridiculous cheese-pop tunes ever, from Symphony of the NIght. And of course, "Slingshot" from Daytona USA, which is the least sexy car-sex song I've ever heard in my life. Haaaaaaa.



Vol. 6: SimCity and Beyond

A tribute to the ever-changing (but always strange) music of the Sim games.

Vol. 7: The Golden Age of Lucasarts

There were so many games that needed representation in this one that Chris will probably do a part 2, but for now, it's a good start. Aah, dig that Pleasantly Understated Credit Sequence from Sam & Max Hit The Road.


Hope you enjoy. And if you've got any mix-tape suggestions, feel free to leave 'em in the comments or email them in!


Smug Anime Face

Why don't we have a mixtape dedicated to the wonderfully catchy tunes of shoot-em-ups?

Most obligatory on such a tape, however, is the Touhou Project series first and foremost.

I find Perfect Cherry Blossom, the eighth game in the series, to have the best score among a string of great scores.

And by the way, the composer for the soundtracks, ZUN, is equally responsible for the complete production - art, gameplay and all - every integer-numbered game in the series.