Reaper Heading For PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, PSN and PSP

Luc Bernard's Reaper was going to be an episodic downloadable PSP title. Now it's a full downloadable title coming to the PSP, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and possibly even the PlayStation Network. Let's celebrate with three new exclusive screens! » 10/21/10 4:40pm 10/21/10 4:40pm

Mecho Wars Creator Goes HD With Reaper

Luc Bernard, the man behind the pretty yet flawed Eternity's Child and the well-received Advance Wars clone Mecho Wars for the iPhone is thinking big again with Reaper, a gorgeous new 2D action-adventure game. » 5/25/10 12:20pm 5/25/10 12:20pm

iPhone Gets It's Own Advance Wars...Sort Of

Luc Bernard bounces back from the release of Eternity's Child with Mecho Wars, an Advance Wars-esque strategy game now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. » 6/15/09 10:20am 6/15/09 10:20am

Luc Bernard's iPhone Game Slightly Fahey-Inspired

Indie game developer Luc Bernard will soon be expounding on the story of Eternity's Child in a new iPhone strategy title Mecho Wars, which seems to have been inspired » 2/04/09 2:00pm 2/04/09 2:00pm

Luc Bernard Founds New iPhone/WiiWare/PC Company

Last we heard from Eternity's Child creator Luc Bernard, he was in a huff, and then out of a huff. Seems he's past huffs altogether now, as he's establishing a new game studio. » 12/29/08 4:30am 12/29/08 4:30am

Eternity's Child Creator Calls It Quits On Calling It Quits

Last month, Eternity's Child » 9/30/08 1:00am 9/30/08 1:00am creator Luc Bernard announced on his official blog that the video game business. "I've got enough problems in my personal life to do another game after ," Bernard wrote. Wrong! Luc Bernard has now apparently told game site Wiiware World that he's quit quitting. Besides announcing that …

Eternity's Child Creator Calls It Quits

Eternity's Child creator Luc Bernard is leaving the video game business. In a post on his official blog, Bernard explains that the stress involved "kind of made me ill and become a alcoholic", and so following chapters 2 & 3 of EC for the PC and the WiiWare version, he will continue his work in graphic novel form… » 8/11/08 2:00pm 8/11/08 2:00pm

Eternity's Child Review - Pretty Hate Machine

From the moment I first laid eyes on Eternity's Child » 8/06/08 2:30pm 8/06/08 2:30pm I was expecting something special. An ambitious little title from artist Luc Bernard, the story concept captivated me just as much as the artwork. Flooded planet and mechanized animals aside, Eternity's Child was the simple story of a boy seeking acceptance in a…

Hands On With Eternity's Child

I got a chance late last week to get my hands on an early build of the PC version of Luc Bernard's Eternity's Child, coming soon to PC and WiiWare, and while the build was a bit too early to forge lasting impressions of the game I can indeed say that it is in fact a game, and Luc Bernard isn't just a figment of my… » 6/10/08 1:40pm 6/10/08 1:40pm