Luc Bernard's iPhone Game Slightly Fahey-Inspired

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Indie game developer Luc Bernard will soon be expounding on the story of Eternity's Child in a new iPhone strategy title Mecho Wars, which seems to have been inspired


I maintained close communication with Luc Bernard throughout the development of his PC platformer Eternity's Child, and when the game was released I gave it the most honest review I could. While Bernard was a bit shaken by the negative feedback the game received, he soldiers on, working on forming a new development company in the U.S. while finishing up Mecho Wars, a turn-based strategy game for the iPhone, partially inspired by my review.

Well, when Mike Fahey of Kotaku mentioned in his review of Eternity's Child that he wanted to know more about the plot, I thought about a game that would focus on the expanded story and the events prior to Eternity's Child, so that's essentially where development on Mecho Wars began.


While I am extremely flattered to have my name noted as the partial inspiration for a video game, it must be noted that if the game ends up not doing well, Bernard was actually talking about the Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, who I hear is a very inspiring sort of fellow.

Mecho Wars itself looks quite interesting. It's a turn-based strategy title that takes Bernard's signature art style and applies it to a strategy game along the lines of Advance Wars or Fire Emblem for the Nintendo DS. The lead programmer on the title remains shrouded in mystery, but Luc has stated that it is an ex-EA man and "the best programmer I have ever worked with."

Sounds rather promising! Check out the link below for more on what Luc is up to these days.

Luc Bernard talks iPhone Mecho Wars, Rose Princess, and future projects [Pocket Gamer UK]

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didnt luc quit gamedev 'liek 4evR' after that last review? going all emo crazy and pursuing writing novels or something like that? i suppose cashing in is just too good to pass up. Also, is this all strictly this guys work? it feels like its getting pumped out so fast that theres gotta be a least a small team of support thats getting things done. all his stuff always sounds like hes single handedly doing all the art, design and story across several projects all at once. (perhaps im just jealous i dont have that kindof free time?)