Reaper Heading For PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, PSN and PSP

Luc Bernard's Reaper was going to be an episodic downloadable PSP title. Now it's a full downloadable title coming to the PSP, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and possibly even the PlayStation Network. Let's celebrate with three new exclusive screens!

Reaper is a rather fetching little 2D action-adventure title starring one of Death's little helpers gone astray. First revealed back in May with a planned fall release, the PSP title has slipped to 2011 in order to spread the love to the iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. Luc says he's been approached by PlayStation 3 publishers interested in bringing the game to the PlayStation Network as well, but that's up in the air at this time.


Bernard tells us that the game is being developed using his new engine, Prime, which allows the game to be developed for multiple platforms at once without the need to create individual ports.

Look for Reaper to arrive sometime in the summer of 2011.


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