Luc Bernard bounces back from the release of Eternity's Child with Mecho Wars, an Advance Wars-esque strategy game now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Remember back when we reported that Mecho Wars was due out in March? We were a little off. It's available on the iTunes App Store now for $4.99 though, and that's what matters. Mecho Wars is a colorful take on Advance Wars, which tells the story of the war between the Winged Crusade and the Landians that eventually led to the events in the Steam-released Eternity's Child.


I've played it a bit now, and it's a nifty little game that borrows extremely heavily from Advance Wars, with a few interesting twists, like the waterways that freeze over at night, causing careful strategies to go to the dogs as everybody starts walking on water. They've even included single-device head-to-head play, for those of you who don't mind passing their iPhone to a friend.


Not sure how good a judge I am of this sort of game play, but so far the game has a four and a half star average rating in the App Store, and all of those people can't be wrong. It's kicking my ass, but perhaps your ass is more resilient and supple than my own.

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