Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars Due Out This Month

Luc Bernard dropped us a line today to deliver the latest information on Mecho Wars, the tactical prequel to Eternity's Child for the iPhone.

Mecho Wars tells the story of the war between the mechanical Landians and the Winged, which left protagonist Angel as one of the last of his kind in Eternity's Child. Inspired by Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, among other things, it looks to be exactly the sort of tactical strategy game that could be perfect for the iPhone format. The game contains nine different units on both sides of the conflict, with three gameplay modes - Campaign, Tutorial, and Challenge.


Once again Luc teams up with Sean Beeson, the award-winning composer of the Eternity's Child soundtrack, to provide music for Mecho Wars.

So it looks pretty, and it should by all means sound nice. How does it play? We'll find out later this month, when Mecho Wars hits iTunes with a $4.99 price tag.


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