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I got a chance late last week to get my hands on an early build of the PC version of Luc Bernard's Eternity's Child, coming soon to PC and WiiWare, and while the build was a bit too early to forge lasting impressions of the game I can indeed say that it is in fact a game, and Luc Bernard isn't just a figment of my imagination as I had long suspected.


The version I played was but one level, in which you control Angel with the keyboard and his heart-target wielding companion with the mouse, reflecting the nunchuck/Wiimote control scheme of the WiiWare version. As expected, the artwork really shines, with Bernard's distinct style oozing out of every background and enemy. This really comes as no surprise to anyone who has caught the screenshots we've posted on a regular basis. The art really melds with Sean Beeson's music, creating an enchanting atmosphere.


So looks great, sounds does it play?

So far the gameplay is relatively simple. You control your character as he navigates platforms while pointing and shooting at enemies with the mouse cursor. The mechanic works alright on the PC though the real fun here will be in the WiiWare version, where two players can take up one of the controls to navigate the levels cooperatively.

The game does need a bit of polish, as Bernard readily admits. There are some animations that need work, and shooting at certain bigger enemies doesn't seem to have any impact on them whatsoever until they eventually explode. The level I played through was large and sprawling, but I sometimes found that the next jump I had to make was so far off screen that I needed to make a leap of faith, praying that I landed somewhere safe.

The game has a great deal of potential, and I look forward to playing through a more complete version in the near future.

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