Rock Band's Song List Reaches Major Milestone

Harmonix's Rock Band will add its 2000th song—not including songs from The Beatles—on Tuesday, October 12 with the addition of "Are You Experienced?" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Rock on. [IGN] » 10/04/10 11:30pm 10/04/10 11:30pm

Singles Seeking Rock Band Next Week

Next week's Rock Band additions are certainly an eclectic mix, ranging from Christian pop to German industiral to indie rock. What's the theme? Singles! » 7/30/10 11:30pm 7/30/10 11:30pm

Rock Band Finally Gains Creedence

Creedence Clearwater Revival music will not be available in Rock Band until next week, yet somehow the series has still been a smashing success. How can this be? » 7/02/10 11:40am 7/02/10 11:40am

For The Love of God, This Week's Rock Band Tracks

This week's new batch of downloadable tracks for Rock Band all have one thing in common. Did you catch it? The post-Easter releases from bands like Anberlin, Hawk Nelson and Skillet all fall under the "Christian rock" label. » 4/08/10 11:30pm 4/08/10 11:30pm

Next Week On Rock Band: White Stripes & Futureheads

MTV Games and Harmonix put a little more Jack and Meg in your copies of Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and LEGO Rock Band, a trio of new tracks from The White Stripes (and more) arriving next week. » 3/05/10 6:40pm 3/05/10 6:40pm

Phoenix Rises, Tom Petty Lives Next Week On Rock Band

Rock Band expands next week with a batch of live tracks from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, plus a smattering of new tunes from French rock darlings Phoenix and Southern flavored rockers Silvertide. » 1/15/10 3:40pm 1/15/10 3:40pm

Rock Band Next Week: Rock, Rock, Rock N' Roll High School

Along with the live Paul McCartney tracks mentioned previously, The Ramones return to Rock Band next week, with their one song worth any three Blink 182 or two songs from The Psychedelic Furs that might also be showing up. » 12/30/09 10:40am 12/30/09 10:40am

See the REAL Lego Rock Band at Ümloud!

Yesterday, my ears were ringing a little too loudly to make heads or tails of all the flickr galleries and YouTube posts on Ümloud! But today I finally found a video of my friends' band rocking out. » 12/11/09 8:20pm 12/11/09 8:20pm

The Wii Buyer's Guide

With a new Super Mario Bros. title to tide fans over, and plenty of third-party software, this year's Wii offering includes an eclectic mix of games. But which to buy? » 11/25/09 10:00am 11/25/09 10:00am

Rock Band Next Week: Tom Petty And Kelly Clarkson

With the recent release of LEGO Rock Band, you're just going to have to get used to seeing names like Kelly Clarkson popping up in our weekly Rock Band update posts. We apologize. » 11/20/09 11:20am 11/20/09 11:20am

LEGO Rock Band Review: Redefining The Rock Block

The LEGO video game craftsmen at Traveller's Tale set their sights on an entirely new genre with LEGO Rock Band, the ultimate block party for the whole family. » 11/12/09 5:20pm 11/12/09 5:20pm

Queen Guitarist Demanded Perfectly Molded Lego Hair

OK, here's one guy who won't be suing a rhythm game maker. That's because Queen guitarist Brian May paid strict attention to the use of his likeness, and insisted that his flowing tresses get a pristine Lego sculpt. » 11/05/09 9:00pm 11/05/09 9:00pm

Free LEGO Rock Band With Your Performance Fleece

Picking up that Old Navy gift card for your little sister could pay off this Black Friday, when the clothing retailer will be giving away free copies of LEGO Rock Band with every $20 purchase. » 11/05/09 4:20pm 11/05/09 4:20pm

LEGO Rock Band Launch Trailer Looks Vaguely Familiar

The official opening cinematic for LEGO Rock Band looks a great deal like the opening cinematic for the original Rock Band, only with a distinctive LEGO twist. » 10/30/09 3:00pm 10/30/09 3:00pm

And Then There Was LEGO Queen

Guitarist Brian May may have beat them to the punch, but that won't stop Warner Bros. Interactive and MTV Games from proudly announcing tiny LEGO versions of super group Queen in LEGO Rock Band. » 10/20/09 10:20am 10/20/09 10:20am

LEGO Rock Band Ships With 45 Songs, Music Censorship

LEGO Rock Band will ship with 45 songs including tunes from Queen, Vampire Weekend, Katrina & The Waves and, of course, Bon Jovi. But you will only be able to purchase family friendly music from the Rock Band store. » 10/12/09 10:00am 10/12/09 10:00am

Of Course His Hair is Perfect — It's Lego Hair

Lego visuals or no, I wish I could get my band to play this well together for half as long as the minute of gameplay you're seeing in Lego Rock Band, whose David Bowie minifig was unveiled yesterday. » 10/07/09 1:00am 10/07/09 1:00am

Lego David Bowie Sways Under The Serious Moonlight

Number two on our list of musical artists least likely to become Lego figures becomes a Lego figure, as David Bowie joins Iggy Pop as a playable rocker in Lego Rock Band. » 10/05/09 11:20am 10/05/09 11:20am