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Courtney Love Will Have Her Revenge On Activision

Illustration for article titled Courtney Love Will Have Her Revenge On Activision

Creeped out by Kurt Cobain's appearance in Guitar Hero 5? Upset, even? You weren't the only one. Courtney Love, Cobain's widow, is furious, and is satisfying her fury by threatening Activision with legal action.


Posting on her - what else - Twitter account, Love wrote:

For the record this Guitar Hero shit is breach of contract on a Bullys part and there will be a proper addressing of this and retraction.


And then followed that up with:

WE are going to sue the shit out of ACtivision we being the Trust the Estate the LLC the various LLCs Cobain Enterprises.

Whichever way this swings, it's going to be entertaining.

Courtney Love [Twitter, via Perez Hilton]
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Wow. If you read the rest of her twitter posts about the matter, she's either on serious drugs, or this is the ballsiest case of douchebag lawyers ever.

This is already entertaining.