If you found the original video of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain reanimated for Guitar Hero 5 uncomfortable to watch, seeing his polygonal ghost prance about and sing the songs of Bush and Megadeth may simply be too much.


This fan-created compilation (via Giant Bomb) of cringe-worthy Cobain moments—performing as Flavor Flav and Jon Bon Jovi, all alongside Xbox Live Avatars, a skeleton drummer and at one point two other Kurts—is both hilarious in its absurdity and disheartening. Clearly zero effort was made to preserve the dead Nirvana singer's identity as someone who'd likely never say "Yeeaahh, boyee!" But who knows where the blame lies here. Activision? Neversoft? Courtney?

Clearly great care was made in the 3D modeling of Cobain's cardigan and the Daniel Johnston t-shirt texture appears lovingly slapped on, but it seems someone mistakenly left the decorum variable set to zero.

Granted, Cobain's not the only dead man to appear in a Guitar Hero or Rock Band game, but this representation of the musician smacks of overwhelming bad taste.

Thanks to Lawrence for the heads up.

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