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The Beatles Rock Band game looks to be a blueprint for other big time bands keen to cash in on a dedicated Rock Band title — big time bands like, say, Queen.

The group is already making an appearance in LEGO Rock Band. "It's the ultimate accolade, to be portrayed in Lego," Queen guitarist Brian May (pictured) told BBC. "My dreams are all fulfilled now."


We could very well see more of Queen (and only Queen!) in a future Rock Band installment.

According to May, there has been talk "going on behind the scenes" about a dedicated Queen Rock Band game. "Yes, we're into it," said May, "I think it may happen."

In the UK, the band's greatest hits album has outsold Sgt. Pepper's so maaaybe going from The Beatles to Queen isn't such a stretch.

Queen star May hails Muse album [BBC Thanks Steve!] [Pic]

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