Lego David Bowie Sways Under The Serious Moonlight

Number two on our list of musical artists least likely to become Lego figures becomes a Lego figure, as David Bowie joins Iggy Pop as a playable rocker in Lego Rock Band.

This is not the David Bowie Lego minifigure I would have preferred, but seeing as he'll be performing "Let's Dance" with a Lego version of his band in a stage modeled after the music video, I guess it'll have to do in a pinch. I would have much preferred the Ziggy Stardust Bowie, or perhaps a bit of Jareth the Goblin King, but you take what you can get.


USA Today points out the connection between Bowie and Iggy, with Bowie producing several Iggy Pop albums and the two co-writing one of Bowie's greatest hits, "China Girl."

More musicians will be announced for Lego Rock Band as it gets closer to release later this year. I'm holding out for a Lego Adam Duritz, complete with smelly dreads.

Lust for LEGOs? [USA Today]

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