OK, here's one guy who won't be suing a rhythm game maker. That's because Queen guitarist Brian May paid strict attention to the use of his likeness, and insisted that his flowing tresses get a pristine Lego sculpt.


"I think my Lego character is wonderful. I want one," he said, according to BangShowBiz.com "We had discussions about the hair, there were a few emails. They had to negotiate to use my likeness, but it's a nice thing."

That's May's plasticy perm above, depicted with Lego Freddy Mercury in the game. May said a jealous Joe Elliott, the Def Leppard singer, called him up to complain that he didn't get a minifig version. "Joe Elliott rang me up and said he was pissed off because they didn't make one of him," May said.

See? Not everyone hates being paid to appear in a video game ...


Brian May's Lego Hair Demands [BangShowBiz.com on Yahoo! UK, via Eurogamer]

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