Company Says Kevin Butler Wasn't in Their Commercial with the Nintendo…

Sony is suing Jerry Lambert, the actor who plays Kevin Butler for "creating confusion" and "causing damage" to its company. Kevin Butler is a fictional PlayStation exec who appears in a series of popular commercials. Last month, however, Lambert appeared in a Bridgestone tire commercial that featured the Nintendo Wii. » 10/09/12 4:40am 10/09/12 4:40am

Kevin Butler, as You've Never Seen Him Before (NSFW)

Cat's out of the bag, folks. Kevin Butler is not really PlayStation's vice president of everything from First Person Shooter Relations to Rumor Confirmation. He is, in fact, the actor Jerry Lambert, who played quite the cringe-inducing straight man in the most recent episode of Showtime's "Shameless" on Monday. » 3/18/11 9:30pm 3/18/11 9:30pm