But, Can You Tell Who Kevin Butler Is? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Above is the real deal. That's faux Sony exec and PlayStation spokesman Kevin Butler. Actor Jerry Lambert portrays the character in the long running series of PlayStation commercials. Rather portrayed as Sony is suing him over a commercial that featured the Wii. » 10/09/12 6:30am 10/09/12 6:30am

Company Says Kevin Butler Wasn't in Their Commercial with the Nintendo…

Sony is suing Jerry Lambert, the actor who plays Kevin Butler for "creating confusion" and "causing damage" to its company. Kevin Butler is a fictional PlayStation exec who appears in a series of popular commercials. Last month, however, Lambert appeared in a Bridgestone tire commercial that featured the Nintendo Wii. » 10/09/12 4:40am 10/09/12 4:40am

Kevin Butler Actor Sued For "Creating Confusion" and "Causing Damage" to…

Aside from mention that the case is being fought over "trademark infringement", there really isn't much information in the court filings detailing the legal battle between Sony and Jerry Lambert, the actor who for years has played the fictional PlayStation executive Kevin Butler. » 10/07/12 6:05pm 10/07/12 6:05pm

Sony is Suing Kevin Butler [Update]

Following a bizarre turn of events and a highly unlikely TV commercial, actor Jerry Lambert—for years the "face" of the PlayStation brand—is being sued, along with Bridgestone, by none other than Sony itself. » 10/06/12 10:00pm 10/06/12 10:00pm

Kevin Butler Thanks You for Not Rage Quitting

You don't have to be any good at video games to get a hat-tip from Kevin Butler. In fact, you can be quite terrible at them, as Legit Bitness is here. What seems to matter most in PlayStation's ongoing thank-the-average fan campaign on YouTube, is that you play a PS3 exclusive. » 11/06/11 4:00pm 11/06/11 4:00pm

Sony Brings Its Joke Spokesman Back Online, Kevin Butler Fully…

Highly entertaining but fake PlayStation executive Kevin Butler was notably (and understandably) quiet during Sony's recent PlayStation Network downtime. But like the PlayStation Store, the cocky PlayStation mouthpiece has returned, showing that Sony is willing to laugh again. » 6/02/11 6:40pm 6/02/11 6:40pm

Does This Mean Sony's Kevin Butler Will Also Be Subpoenaed?

PlayStation executive mascot Kevin Butler unwittingly re-tweets the PlayStation 3's private cryptography key, the key that opens the system up to piracy and homebrew programs, after Twitter user Travis "exiva" La Marr taunts the VP of PlayStation Stuff. » 2/09/11 4:30pm 2/09/11 4:30pm