Tire Maker Erases All Evidence of Kevin Butler Playing a Wii [Update]

A couple weeks back, a tipster reminded me that Jerry Lambert, the actor who has portrayed "Vice President of Everything" Kevin Butler in the PlayStation ads for the past three years, once appeared in an ad for Bridgestone tires playing a Wii. It was quirky, but a little outdated.


Interestingly, that video has since been removed. And it seems Bridgestone's free-Wii promotion still is ongoing, so they've updated the ad—by KGBing the KB right the hell out of the production. You can see the new ad linked above, and tipster Mark L. provides this before-and-after comparison at the bottom. Hard to tell if they reshot the thing, or if they digitally removed KB, but you won't see this Sony exec playing Mario Kart Wii any longer.

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[Update] Here's video of the original ad via GoNintendo. Evidently this is a current promotion, not something older, which makes Butler/Lambert's participation—and elimination—most curious indeed.

[YouTube video via stfuandplay.com]



So Jerry Lambert's career has been tainted by his Kevin Butler character and now due to fan or corporate backlash, he's limited to performing in things that don't conflict with that?

The only one being betrayed here is the actor not allowed to pursue his own personal career choices.