Kevin Butler Commits Gran Theft Turismo

With each new major PlayStation 3 release comes a new video starring Kevin Butler, Sony's VP of game commercials. In this Gran Turismo 5 spot he claims responsibility for the game's greatness, and claims a sporty little number for himself.

Should I purchase Gran Turismo 5? Every time a new game in the series comes out I hem and haw for days, finally caving at the last moment. Then I bring the game home, marvel at the technical proficiency of it, and quickly realize I'm not a big fan of hardcore racing simulation.


Here's how my mind works: But this one has NASCAR, and damage effects, and kart racing! You LOVE Kart racing! Go preorder this immediately!

I must remain strong. No matter how pretty it looks, what's under the hood just isn't appealing to me. I'll just keep telling myself that.

It Only Does Revolutionary Racing Experiences [PlayStation Blog]

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