Gee, Kevin Butler's Been Awful Quiet Lately

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Kevin Butler, the voluble, if fake, PlayStation executive, has nearly 84,000 Twitter followers. His approval rating, if it was measured, would assuredly be sky-high among hardcore gamers. And he has been dead silent since the beginning of the PlayStation Network Outage, now in its third week with no signs of ending.


Check his feed: April 20, 5:13 p.m. PDT, a few hours before PSN came crashing down, the KB reported he'd been verified by Twitter, so you could trust this was the man himself - or his copywriters - talking. Since then, two tweets, both retweets of official Sony messages on the outages.

Sony's got bigger problems right now than figuring out how to integrate a fake exec into its crisis team. And if you want deadpan humor about the outage, I'd hit up the excellent (and unauthorized) @Fake_PSN. But man, if anyone could tell me it's going to be alright, and get the benefit of the doubt, it'd be the KB. And I really wonder what his first appearance, post-outage, will be like.

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i do not hate sony for what has happened so much, having to cancel my cards and someone trying to spend 650 pounds in harrods online is certainly irritating, but what i really hate about sony is their use of that man, right there. He's annoying, childish and irritating and even worse, sony pays him to portray playstation in this way. They used to use proper marketing to get people to play their console, now they rely on telling us how much men love their console and how playing other consoles are inferior to theirs. So me being female shouldn't even touch their console. Makes me feel like sony is secretly it's own religion where they want to drive women out to achieve an all male platform, ohhhh the horrors.