Does This Mean Sony's Kevin Butler Will Also Be Subpoenaed?

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PlayStation executive mascot Kevin Butler unwittingly re-tweets the PlayStation 3's private cryptography key, the key that opens the system up to piracy and homebrew programs, after Twitter user Travis "exiva" La Marr taunts the VP of PlayStation Stuff.

Butler's tweet was quickly scrubbed from his account, marking at least the second time the fictional exec has gone off message on Twitter.


Sony has been trying to subpoena information from companies like Google, Twitter and PayPal to gather details on one of the parties responsible for distributing the crypto key.

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I don't dislike the Kevin Butler entity, but I am disturbed by its popularity with gamers/fans. I mean, he's a marketing gimmick and no more. But I suppose I am just a fuddy-duddy and curmudgeon who laments a society who makes idols of focus-grouped and highly targeted salesmen who aren't really salesmen but actors reciting a script written by teams of marketers.

I wonder how many interns man that Twitter feed.