The PS3 May Have Just Had Its Front Door Kicked In

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Forget jailbreak devices; the same team who broke the Wii wide open now claims to have done the same for the PlayStation 3, leaving Sony's console at the mercy of homebrewers and pirates alike.


During proceedings at the 27th Chaos Communication Conference, a group of hackers gave a presentation called "PS3 Epic fail". You can see where this is going. Sparing you the overly-technical explanation, the team claim to have found the PS3's "private cryptography key", a skeleton key of sorts for the console that would allow users to install and run their own code on the machine.

It's hoped that tools allowing the installation of Linux - something Sony blocked earlier this year - will be released by the group next month. And from there, the sky - or, at least, a ton of pirated and homebrewed games - is the limit.

Hackers obtain PS3 private cryptography key due to epic programming fail? (video) [Engadget]


Luke Plunkett

Pretty sure the "epic fail" is in relation to the fact the "cryptography key", once got to, was so easy to break. It's like getting to the final battle of an RPG and killing the boss with one shot.