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As part of its crusade to crush those responsible for breaking the PS3's copy protection, Sony is targeting two parties: famed hacker George Hotz and the fail0verflow team. Only problem is, Sony has no idea who fail0verflow is.


Well, it knows they're the group responsible for kicking this whole thing off when they found the PS3's "private cryptography key" (ie skeleton key), but to take people to court Sony can't use internet reports and nicknames. It needs real names. Which it doesn't have, and cannot find on its own.

So it's asking a number of high and very high profile sites to start handing over any personal details they may have on the team. While that includes gaming and tech sites, Sony is also asking Google, Twitter and PayPal for information like the real names, phone numbers and contact addresses of the fail0verflow team.

This isn't a polite request. It's a subpoena demanding the information.

While they'll probably just sit it out until Sony inevitably gets hold of the details, I'd love to imagine the fail0verflow guys going "Bourne", breaking out the fake passports and heading for Belize...


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