Sony's Mascot Has A Sandwich, And It Will Kill You

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Some of our braver readers may have tried a "Monte Cristo" sandwich in their time. If you're still alive and with us, congratulations. You are, however, a coward compared to what Sony mascot Kevin Butler chows down on.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, the fictional executive remarked:

Have you ever had a Monte Cristo? It's an entire ham, turkey, and swiss sandwich dipped in French Toast batter and deep fried. It's actually semi-extinct in most parts of the world, because few could handle its epicness. Well, my favorite sandwich is a double bacon cheeseburger with two Monte Cristo Sandwiches as the bun. And a Diet Coke, obviously.


Sounds fanciful, but as part of their "Sandwich Monday" feature, news outlet NPR decided to actually go and make this sandwich from hell. And they christened it, what else, the "Kevin Butler".

Somehow, the monstrosity was actually eaten, and somehow, it wasn't that bad! The NPR's piece rounds off with "this is, we think, the most extreme sandwich we've yet eaten. It is undeniably delicious-you can't put that many lipids together and not make something tasty-but it is difficult to eat."

Sandwich Monday: The Kevin Butler [NPR, thanks Chris!]

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"And a Diet Coke, obviously."

This part tickles me especially. During my teenage years with food service jobs, it was shocking how often you would get people ordering the most ridiculous item on the menu, slathering it in butter or cheese or whatever else was applicable, and then finishing the order with "...and a diet Coke," with emphasis on the Diet, as though I was supposed to commend them for it.

I'm not super concerned with health food, I don't eat terribly well myself, but come on people, own up to it!