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Long Live Play, Long Live Flaming Crossbows, Long Live Kevin Butler

Like a flaming crossbow bolt casually launched at gigantic rooftop slogan, Sony celebrity spokesmodel Kevin Butler returns to launch the "Long Live Play" marketing campaign.


Last week PlayStation 3 advertising fans were concerned by Twitter reports that celebrity spokesmodel Kevin Butler had left Sony for Economy Flooring, his uncle's flooring startup. Luckily for Sony ad-fans, Economy Flooring only exists in Butler-space, and now it doesn't exist at all. Jack Tretton is once again the boss of him.

Taking a cue from Butler's inspirational speech from E3 2010, "Long Live Play" is a celebration of the gamers that will be advertised at during the campaign. It replaces the "It Only Does..." campaign, which got a little out of hand during the PlayStation Network hacking incident earlier this year.


Long Live Play [PlayStation Blog]

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I don't get it.

I mean, I like Kevin Butler, I like the ad, but I don't get who it's directed towards. Sony gamers will recognize him and appreciate the quirky nature of his return, but how is this selling to a new market? It's like preaching to the choir.

They promote the $249 price point at the end, but I think all of us who sat through that whole thing, who get the VP joke, who know who Jack Tretton is already have a PS3.

Its just odd ...