Kevin Butler, VP Of Gamer Inspiration

Even if Sony didn't have the most amazing E3 press conference this year, it did contain the single best moment at a press conference this year. This is that moment.

He might just be an actor, but he's our actor. Technically I guess he is Sony's actor, but I'm sure we can work out some sort of time share arrangement.

And yes, this was likely written for Kevin, or with Kevin's collaboration, but that doesn't make the message any less poignant.


A gigantic television in a tiny apartment. That is gaming.

Thanks Daniel for passing along the video!

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Wait, they didn't have the most amazing show? Do people think that?

I hate it when journalists add throwaway personal assumptions on a note like that. I never know when I'm out of synch with the common ground and when the journalist is... I actually thought they had a very strong show.