Killzone 3 Is Too Big For Just One Funny TV Ad

With two different ways to play and a special peripheral specifically designed for motion control, Sony spokes model Kevin Butler couldn't cover all of Killzone 3 in just one ad, so he did two.

The first Butlermercial covers the Killzone 3 basics. It's a shooter. You shoot things. You shoot them dramatically enough to make you drop whatever beverage you may be holding. That's all anyone really needs to know.

The second commercial is all about motion control, specifically motion control using Sony's new Sharpshooter peripheral.


Normally I'd say motion control was a silly addition to a first-person shooter, but our own Brian Crecente's lengthy impressions of Killzone 3 played with Sony's Move controller has me curious to see if that's all changed with Killzone 3.

Kevin Butler certainly seems to think so, but he's just a fictional construct created to enjoy PlayStation 3 games, so he's not a very reliable source of unbiased information. Entertaining, certainly, but leaning just a tad in Sony's favor.

It Only Does Sharp Shooting, Hard-Hitting, 3D Games [PlayStation Blog]

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Lame! Bulletstorm ad is funnier.