Arnold Somehow Saves Terminator Genisys From Being A Total Disaster

Arnold Schwarzenegger is once again playing a machine cloaked in human skin in Terminator Genisys, but now he’s the most human thing in a plastic movie. Arnie’s trademark grimace looks rough around the edges, like a slab of petrified wood after years of erosion. In a movie that’s basically shitty comfort food, the… »7/01/15 1:15pm7/01/15 1:15pm


Hollywood To Rip Off Video Gaming's Excellent Framerate

Video games have stolen many things from Hollywood. What's Hollywood going to take back? Director James Cameron wants to shoot Avatar 2 and 3 at 48 or even 64 frames per second, the latter rate being the ideal framerate for first-person shooters and racing games. Movies are usually shot at 24 fps, but, hey, if every… »3/31/11 3:00pm3/31/11 3:00pm