Prison Architect Devs Wonder if Their Game Should Have Looked Less Like America

People are interested in Introversion’s very good sim Prison Architect because it tries to model the complexities of life inside a penal institution. People also seem to be tougher on Prison Architect than they are on more frivolous games, for the very same reason: it attempts to simulate the complexities of prison… »10/16/15 10:40am10/16/15 10:40am


I'd Rather Be Playing Prison Architect, a Most Uncomfortable Game

The most interesting decision a video game has given me the opportunity to make this year involved the interior decoration of a prison. The choice, which I was presented just yesterday: Did I want to put a window in the cell of a man on death row? Or save the money? Either way, he was going to die the next day. »4/01/13 12:00pm4/01/13 12:00pm

Another Serious Game Falls to Apple's Anger-Inducing Approval Process

Proven countless times over the past several years alone, video games are a form of entertainment uniquely suited to communicating serious subjects in an interactive fashion — far more effectively than reading a book or watching a documentary. Unfortunately Apple wants nothing to do with that sort of communication, so… »3/21/13 8:30pm3/21/13 8:30pm