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Prison Architect, a Smart Game Worth a Look, Now Has Better Riots

The somewhat-wonderful, somewhat-demented interactive incarceration simulator Prison Architect always gets the best updates.


To wit:

"Internally we've done a lot to increase the realism by implementing a more advanced model of prisoner anger. This now results in full scale riots and riot police to restore law and order."


They've also added Steam Workshop support and made a Linux version to go along with the PC and Mac versions.

Prison Architect may not be finished yet, but that Alpha's been good. You can start playing it now, if you buy access on Steam. Get it for $27 at the moment. Or read more about the Alpha 10 update first. And then get it!

It's from Introversion. They make quality.

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This looks like it's meant to manage US luxury hotel prisons. How about making a prison that makes its interns cry out for the death penalty?