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A Look At How Microsoft Approve A Game For Release

Illustration for article titled A Look At How Microsoft Approve A Game For Release

Introversion - developers of Defcon and Darwinia - have a treat in store for us. Following "unprecedented approval" from Microsoft, they've uploaded a paper trail documenting the journey a game takes from pitch to release.


And it is fascinating. Provided you find this kind of backroom stuff interesting, anyway. Available for perusal are bug reports, milestone reports and, most interesting of all, a log of some of the project emails between Introversion and Microsoft, including how the developer reacted to the ESRB leaking the game announcement and how Introversion flirted with the idea of releasing two Darwinia titles for Xbox Live Arcade before Microsoft said "no, thanks".


Darwinia + [Introversion, via Offworld]

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Account Defunct

Very very interesting.

I wish more developers would do things like this. Strengthens the sense of community.

I'd like to see Nintendo's approval process.