Spooky. We were only lamenting the other day around the office water cooler about how there weren't enough good heist games these days, and what do we get? A new heist game — and an interesting one to boot.

This is Subversion, an upcoming PC game from Darwinia developers Introversion. We've actually seen it before, when the team was talking about the game's innovative procedurally-generated levels, but until this public demonstration from a few months back we had no idea what you actually did in the game.


Turns out it's not a God game, not a city-building game and not a strategy game. It's a bank robbery game! You take control of a squad of crooks tasked with breaking in, stealing the cash then getting out, all without either being seen or, if seen, caught.

If you think that means this is an action game, you're dead wrong. Take a look at the clip below to see how it's all panning out.


[via IndieGames]

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