Darwinia, Defcon Devs Talk About Their "Truly Terrible" 2008

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Introversion's Chris Delay has - in a continuation of the company's earlier decision to "tell all" about their recent operational dealings - posted an account of the company's recent woes.


In a candid piece, which describes 2008 as "a truly terrible year", Delay opens up about a succession of mistakes the company have made, a crisis of confidence in Introversion's place in the market and frustration at the under-performance of their Multiwinia title.


Like the earlier stuff outlining how to get a game up on Xbox Live, it's a fascinating insight into the highs, lows and challenges facing a development studio, providing a transparency and connection between the company and the audience that you just don't see in this business.

And for that, we're thankful.

2008 in hindsight [Introversion]

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Here's my problem with Introversion: Uplink was a brilliant, innovative game that was unlike virtually any game around. Even today, I wish I had a good version of it on my phone or iPod Touch. Darwinia and Multiwinia were/are just mediocre RTS games. The only innovative aspect was the procedural generation of the visual assets.

Defcon was a near-return to form, but it had far too little replay value for me.

To me, they should do what they should have done a year or two ago: a sequel to Uplink.