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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Prison Architect Creators Respond To Our Prison Architect Critique

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The developers of Prison Architect have read our guest writer Paolo Pedercini's tough critique of their game. They... liked it! And they've recorded a video addressing Pedercini's concerns about how their game does or doesn't bleed the reality of the real prison system into the game.

There's a lot in the video, including Introversion designer Chris Delay and Mark Morris' thoughts on whether they'd add hunger strikes and suicide. They also address Prison Architect's unrealistic lack of drug offenses among the game's prison population and their plans to make drugs a more prevalent part of the game.


Pedercini had a lot of problems with how the game treated the release of prisoners and how it failed to convey any sense of their being a life outside the prison or—for the prisoners—beyond imprisonment. In this video, the developers talk about their plans for this, their so-called "end game" aspect of Prison Architect.

There's plenty more that they wrestle with. We recommend you to watch the whole thing.


Thank you to Delay and Morris for making this video. We welcome the Prison Architect team's feedback. If there's anyone else out there who we've written about who would like to create a half-hour response video, go for it!

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