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Over at Introversion Software's blog, the developer of Defcon and Darwinia has revealed it's at work on its sixth game, Chronometer, with funding from the UK's Channel 4.


It's unclear what the fate of the game, currently in pre-production, will be; said Introversion's Chris Delay:

Ultimately we don't know for certain if Chronometer will be going into full production – the conditions would have to be right for Introversion and for Channel 4, although they've been fantastic to work with during pre-production. We're pretty much finished with this phase of Chronometer for now, and we'll keep you updated about this interesting sixth game project as decisions are made.


The team is currently preparing for the launch of Multiwinia (shown), a multiplayer version of strategy title Darwinia, for PC.

Chronometer [Introversion blog]

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One of these days I'll actually played my copy of Darwinia. For now it's merely a green figure on my desktop....